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  • Listening to: A friend's voice meme.
  • Reading: Your hand :3
  • Watching: ...
  • Playing: PMD - Selfie Update / Cardverse!Panda
  • Eating: AIR. And desire. WOOT.
  • Drinking: The blue sea. //notliterally.
I see people fighting.
I mean, seriously?
Am I unlucky or what?
AM I SEXUAL enough to only see people fighting over random thing like "Ganondorf is the best villain"?
It's worst than our MMDC drama.


I'm out of Lakebed Temple on Twilight Princess.
Looking for Master Sword.
Favourite part, I guess.

Until now.

I need to go back playing Oracle of Seasons when I finish TP.

I'm using walkthrough  for some parts. It's awkward since almost all the walkthroughs are for the Wii version, which is mirrored.
I'm playing the GameCube one.

No, I don't have a GameCube. I'm making it work on notebook. It's playable. I really haven't money to buy games. And my dad thinks that videogames aren't nice. Maybe because he wants to watch his football with the big screen. I don't have a TV on my room. MEH. I feel guilty by doing that, but it's the only way for me to play games for now. I should get a job, but I'm having some issues with a school now and I can't.
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Submitted on
April 5, 2012