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Because I can't stand this community anymore. WTF.
Okay, not totally, but yet.

I was on tumblr seeing the new MMD blogs and TA-DA~!
A new blog to make jokes about other people and their works.
I'm somewhat perplex now, considering some comments that people usually makes about MMD around there.
Let's say that you see a person who made a DUMB FAILURE EDIT WITH SHINY COLOURS of...............................................
Miku. - Yes, HER, World's number one diva. /getthereference? 8D - A Edit with pink neon hair, yellow burning shirt, green skirt and whatever else you can think about a bad made edit.
It's possible that this person is NEW to PMDe, so they don't know exactly about modeling, editing and stuff.
And you can tell that by looking at the high colours. Right.
Some random other new users will look at it and say "OMG THAT'S SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD! I LUV IT ZO MUCH <3"
But, some veteran will appear, look at it and laugh of how horrible it is. That's okay. I confess that I laugh at this kinda of edits ALL THE TIME.
But, when you MMD veterans with these MMD *put random thing here like Users, models, bad ocs, etc* Tumblrs come around and post the pictures of these edits on tumblr saying out loud that they "Suck so much. This person thinks that s/he is da Master of PMD, while they are only stupid, hahahaha" you ruins all the fun.
Do you guys want to know the reason of all the DRAMA? (Which, I can tell very well, isn't Tails. He's only says what he thinks of something in... a direct way.)
The reason of all the drama around there is that instead of showing to newcomers that some models can't be edited because the author doesn't want to or that they should've change the colors a bit and teaching them how to do it properly, some people just go and say lots of bad things, which sometimes make people react bad too, starting lots of fights and drama.
Mr. Higushi and some people on the community say that "MMD is for fun <3", which I agree with.... multiple times.
But, if MMD is for fun, why the hell people create blogs to say that others' works are bad?
Of course, some of you, dear watchers, would say that some people "seems to like hurting others". And "If I said that about his/her things, she/he would rant about me and I would be a fail in the community D:". Aye, aye. /shotforwatchingtoomanypiratemovies
We all know that there's people who are popular out there. This is not a reason to be selfish and think about yourself like a superior creature of this world. *insert magical no gravity facepalm here... in the space*. This is also not a reason to create tumblrs and say too many bad words about the rest of the community.
This is not desu, y'know. (Not to do with Miki's tumblr or the Desu Team. But if the hat matches your head, it's another story. I don't approve of Miki's tumblr, but I haven't nothing against those who do. Also, this rant isn't sexual enough for this.)
And some of these blogs doesn't aim only newcomers' works as a bad thing. I already saw many of them making jokes about others veterans' works. Meh.
This is wrong, you guys.
I mean, if you don't like somebody else's picture/oc/comic/selfmodel/whatever, PLEASE, and I'm asking for the fucking sake of this community's peace, don't go automatically adding it to tumblr and labeling it "Ugly model omg I'll die because it's so angry and her face is wrong and everything is messed  up AMG I hate it sooooo much ;A;" because tumblr-guys, you don't know exactly how oh so ridiculous and childish you look like doing that.
If you don't like something, share with a friend in private instead of being a baby at tumblr. Nothing against tumblr-MMD-people, there's many nice blogs around there about MMD, like the "AutoLuminous is My Favorite Effect" one.
Making fun of people's work isn't fun.
I, personally, avoid doing that, since everyone was noob at MMD/PMD sometime of their lives. This doesn't mean that every work is a nice shot. Also, doesn't mean that I never clicked on a picture and wrote a comment like "Sorry, but I think that s/he sucks :C". This happens.... at times. Or when I see people doing things all wrong without wanting to understand that they're doing wrong. Also, trolling a troll back can be funny sometimes, I don't blame you guys for persuiting alyallie at all, you see. xD
But yet alyallie is past now. We should move on and keep up the good work. Watching her sometimes to see if she's doing okay with MMD instead of making green weird things out of no-editable/ask for permission things doesn't hurt. She made a new account also because she got banned. I have any idea of how many times she was banned, but you can tell her usernames easily due the "Aly" in all of them. She doesn't deserve all this paparazzi service, you know. Just don't feed the troll and they'll die.
I haven't anymore to say about her. I got like.... 8 watchers or more due that episode, but I don't say thank to alyallie for this. If you guys watch me, I'll be just glad, yet that I don't say thanks personally in your page. :3
But, back to ranting.
What's the big deal of some of you with Hanaminasho? You guys can say that it's because she doesn't post pictures with "MAGICAL MME WITH PHOTOSHOP EDITION, SMOOTHNESS AND STUFF", but meeeeh. She rips lots of game models for your entertainment too. And some of you find them on random searchs around dA and download them, barely looking that the same person makes what you guys calls "ANORMAL BULLSHIT".
Now you guys want to control the kind of images out there? HAHA, funny. I cried from laughing, really. /sarcasm
Hana makes her pictures and videos like that cause it's her way of using MMD for fun.
If you go to a museum, you'll see that there's artists who made perfect portraits of women and men, with details in right places and stuff. But others, like Picasso, made their pictures in abstract style. You'll sometimes mistake faces with background and objects with persons and will notice that the expressions are... messed up. But you can tell that people like this kind of work too, for various reasons, like the funny looking of the characters, the way that it looks complex, etc.
You can blame me, but I see Hanaminasho in this community as a Picasso, challeging the rules of the "Normal MMD Creations". Only a little bunch of users have enough courage to do that, you can tell. The way that Hana puts expressions together makes it impossible for you to tell which expressions she used after all. All her pictures makes me perplex.
Nothing against you if you don't like. But, meh, stop with all this "I could screw her gallery", since it really sucks.
And, to finish this LONG rant, since you should be oh so tired of reading it, I would to talk a bit about TDA, Lat and how stuff becomes mainstream.
Lat Miku was a cute girl living her pixel 3D life in zip files on a website. First, people came toward her and said "OMG, so cute <3". And then, people made pictures with her and since she was free for edit, someone made a Cyber version and a Akita Neru.
But suddenly a massive Lat spam started and people was using her face for selfmodels, ocs, to make ALL the Vocaloids and UTAUs that they could, etc, etc, etc. So, finally, someone said "Lat sucks and she's oh, so mainstream D:" and Lat became a mainstream taboo. People stopped a bit using her all the time for edits, but also stopped using Lat Miku herself like they did before. Many people rants about how she have problems with shadders in MMD.
I have her, but I fear using due all the hate over her.
It's like: "Ewww, you used Lat D:"
I fear now that the same is happening to TDA (not against Miki and Kaahgome, since Miki's selfie was edited by Tails and Kaah's self was edited by herself to match their selfies, I believe). After some long time without any workable connection, I went to check my OVER 9,000 messages and found what? TDA EDIT SPAM. At least edit her face, will ya? And same that was happening to Lat (Making all the Vocaloids hurrhurr) is happening to TDA. With.Also.Fucking.Download.Link. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that Miku. But meh. I just saw people REDISTRIBUTING edits. Without any permission of TDA, just because they get the model for free after TDA released her with physics and better rigging. I see people complaining about... Idk, TheRoyalRose who once edited SeeU's hair. But meh, she has fucking permission. Actually, Mamama has a dA. If you asks politely, not planning to redistribute, s/he'll maybe let you edit.
What the hell TDA Miku has that makes her face special? There's a Yuuka (touhou) model who have a similar face, turning almost the same thing if edited properly.
If you want to know, you can actually make Idolmster faces more Kio-ish. Also other models, with some work. Nakao's faces look like ISAO's with expression editing/facial editing and some good uv map. It's hard? Yes, of course. But you can try for pratice or if you have patience. This way you'll get an unique face for your selfie/oc/Vocaloid model and you'll look more original.
Or if you don't have skills for this kind of edit yet, try changing the textures that comes with the model, putting another eyefile instead of recolouring the original, inserting features like dots, inserting eyelashes or removing them, etc. I can tell you that an eyefile makes a HUGE difference.
This way you don't spam people with mainstreamness.
And again, Y 2P EDITS LOOK OH SO WEIRD? They look so badass in the official art, really. The last 2P!England that I saw around had neon blue eyes. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEH. I'm decided. I'll make a 2p!England edit how I think that he should be in MMD. And 2P!Canada because nobody did it yet and I have IDEAS

This is all for now, I think. I don't rant all the time, so, when I do, things become a text wall.
Blame me or rant back if you want to, I'm okay with it.
This isn't directed to one person in special and I don't wanna to make you guys feel bad. Well... I can't do anything if this shoe fits your foot. Ranting back is a solution if this hurts you.
I have nothing against you if you disagree. This is my opinion, you should have yours too.

Now, I have to sleep before doing it while typing on my notebook.
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Necessity4fun Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You said everything I could never imagine me saying...
I love LAT I know they have some little skirt fails sometimes buy I really enjoy LAT.
Sis uses LAT too she makes everything with LAT we have lots of LAT...But you're right in saying it was overused.I like TDA I think is so epic!!!I like playing with TDA Miku physics...I don't think I will ever get tired of it.And about the trolls Sis did recolor too in the start but she never distributed them and now sis can use it better we even deleted most of this edits because there were models that couldn't be edited there...I think making this recolors are a part of using PMD It's were the fun begins...I never did this kind of recolors but I never learned how to use it right...Maybe if I did I would know it better...If sister cared to this trolling(One time sis drew her voca OC and someone said that it looked like Rin fell on grape juice)She wouldn't be able to do what she can now...Sis is messing with Metasequoia and I can''t even use PMD editor.I wonder how many people quit MMD because of Veteran Trolling...
Necessity4fun Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And Hanaminasho is amazing!!
It really looks like Picasso looking from your point of view.I really like abstract art and both Hanamimasho and Alelok are amazing, if is this the way you play with MMD so enjoy it.It's a FREE and FUNNY program!I used to use it to my Art school works...That was my way to enjoy MMD and letting people know about it!!I really miss my Art classes...
Kitsune-HalfBreed91 Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I so agree with this rant.
InkedBunny Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I was horrific as a newbie (although I didn't do the neon re-colour. XD)

I hate these MMD tumblr blogs, they seem to just be there to upset people. ._.
kubotachuu Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
a really good rant. i like it (about hanaminasho, she's my favourite MMD user. i really like her videos and images, are really funny. aaaand, she's my ispiration.)
junkosakura01 Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Student General Artist
I'm still new to PMDe even if I already made my models, and I totally agree with you.

Just because MMD newbies' works look so bad (no offense for others, I can't find an easy word, but I think this is okay), it doesn't mean that it's a fail. Others should understand and even better, encourage them to improve. I'm not taking sides, I'm just saying my opinion as a fellow MMD-er, and I say this because I know what it feels even if I haven't really experienced it.
This isn't just for MMD works, but to other types of art as well.
I'm also an emphatic person, that's why I can say these. Criticize me on this, positively or negatively, I don't really care, at least I can show that I'm also concerned.

I think I just made a rant here, I hope you don't mind, Arkenidae >.<
But seriously, I agree with what you said.
NuttyTheSenko Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
:iconfblikeplz: this rant I seem to like very much, I'd give you points if I had any.
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